Monday, June 27, 2011


Hello and welcome to the Red Button Quilt Co. Blog. I can't believe I am doing this (blogging, I mean). I'm so not "techy" and to me this is really "techy".
The past couple of months have been just a whirlwind. We attended and had a booth at quilt market in Salt Lake City. That went very well and what a beautiful state Utah is! As soon as we got back to Bemidji, we closed the deal on the sale of our store, Emily's Country Cottage. So now I should have all kinds of time, huh? Not! Just getting everything moved home that needs to be here has been just crazy. I'm trying to get my sewing/work area all set up and there is just never enough room. We had one huge yard sale and it looks like another one is in the real near future.
I have also been concentrating on my new company, Red Button Quilt Co. I am selling patterns and quilts online and designing patterns for the wholesale market. Our website is now live, thanks to all the hard work by Cheri & Penny at Innovative Business Solutions. Now my job is to get the word out there to everyone to check out the website.  
Around the Block
I have found a little time to sew in the past few days. Jim got called to Minot (his hometown) to help with the flood situation there. I am just finishing the binding on this little quilt and will get it up on the website in the next day or so. I struggled for a name for this one, and ended up with "Around the Square".  The colors are my favorites as of late-brown and red and typically for me the flowers are done with wool.

I also have these little red churn dash blocks laid out on my sewing table. The blocks are just 3" finished so the quilt will be pretty small. I have the idea to put some tiny button flowers in the center of each churn dash. We'll see how that goes and I'll keep you posted.